Become Part of the High Quality Video Conferencing Revolution at an Affordable Price using Videoconferencing-as-a-Service (VaaS) by Connexus

Whatever your industry, Connexus has a solution for you. By utilizing Connexus-On-Demand, our Videoconferencing-as-a-Service (VaaS), you can be part of a high quality video conference easily at any computer* or iOS device* by using Vidyo’s prize-winning implementation of the H.264/SVC VideoConference Protocol, paying as you go - without captial expense. The VideoConference Paradigm has finally shifted in your favor.

Variable price points are available to business users ready to step into the High Quality Video Conferencing Age. Connexus-on-Demand-VaaS is available from Connexus at the right price based on the Vidyo desktop videoconferencing platform.

Connexus is an authorized Customer Service Provider (CSP) for Vidyo and has been providing VideoConference Services since 1989.


Custom Services
This Service offering has been designed to provide maximum flexibility in adresssing a range of different applications. No matter your industry, Connexus can custom tailor a solution to suit your needs.

WorkGroup Services
WorkGroup Services has been designed to allow  members of a WorkGroup to VideoConference directly with each other one-on-one or to meet together, at any time, in a WorkGroup Virtual Room – all for a flat monthly fee with unlimited usage.

Event Services
Event Services are set up for a 5-day window, allowing up to 50 endpoints to connect interactively in a Virtual Public Room. The Service may be used for unlimted hours during the 5-day window.

Business Continuity Services
Your organization can’t afford to be caught unprepared for unpredictable, disruptive events. Business Continuity Services will help ensure that the members of your organization remain both productive and safe in their homes during times of crisis. With Business Continuity Services, your upfront costs are minimized and when a disruptive event does take place, the implementation cost is a fraction of what other video conferencing providers can offer. Best of all, the solution is fully extensible to a productivity tool for day to day operation within your organization, helping you maximize
your return on investment.

Ad-Hoc Services
When you urgently need to meet by VideoConference and all you have are your computers, Ad-Hoc Services can help you connect to each other and to legacy devices around the world, IP or ISDN.  Meet for an hourly fee with no ongoing commitment. One-on-one or in a group.

To get started with your next VideoConference using Vidyo reach out to Connexus today!
Please email us or call Connexus at: +1-214-443-2600 or (800) 938-8888

*must be operating with Vidyo's minimum system requirements